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10 Ways To Master The Art Of Lighting

Brian Faherty, founder of Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co. in Portland, Oregon, schools us in how to use light as a design tool (Courtesy of

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You think prices are high now?

  According to the Denver Business Journal’s article, the Denver metro area’s population is expected to increase from 2,814,330 in 2015 to 4,288,189 in 2040.

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Decorating with Gray

There’s been a sea change in the design world over the last few years when it comes to neutrals. Taupes, khakis, and other forms of

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Denver Market Update

If you’re interested in the latest Denver area real estate market update, click here.

6 Home Improvement Secrets from a Go-To Real-Estate Stager

(Content and pics courtesy of Architectural Digest) In the 2010 film Leap Year, Amy Adams played a real-estate stager—a profession that few even knew existed.

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Laundry Room Makeover – Dog Wash Station Edition!

I loved this laundry room makeover I saw in the 5280 Home magazine this past month. Two school-age boys, three gallivanting dogs, and lots of

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Colorado Encyclopedia

This is a pretty cool site if you want to learn about all things Colorado!

Terrifying Glass Bridge

If hanging off the side of a mountain is your idea of fun, then we suggest China’s latest tourist attraction. A 328-foot-long glass walkway—fittingly called

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5 Tips on Decorating Your New Home

Regardless of what price range your new home is in, these 5 tips by top designers are a good reminder about how to decorate it.

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4 Beautiful Swimming Pools

I love looking at these on a hot day!       Content and photos courtesy of Architectural Digest