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8 Clever Ways to Maximize a Small Space

When Jonathan Adler’s creative services manager Nicholas Obeid moved from a lofty two-bedroom to a 450-square-foot studio in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood, he brought with

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Create a Welcome Front Entrance

After showing thousands of homes over the years, I understand how important it is to create a positive first impression when a buyer walks up to

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Your Guide to Choosing a Countertop Material

Denver’s top kitchen-design experts on finding countertops to match your look and lifestyle. 1. Engineered Quartz Pros: Twice as strong as granite, this synthetic natural-stone

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Luxury Bathrooms

Here are some stunning luxury bathrooms from celebrity homes around the country. Which one is your favorite?             Courtesy of

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Fixing a Chaotic Bedroom Closet

Before: Chaotic Bedroom Closet Mom’s bedroom closet had runneth over, with important items stashed on an inaccessible top shelf. After: A Grid That Fits Chip

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Solar roadway in France

How cool is this?! From solar-paneled highway barriers in Holland to solar plants built to float atop water reservoirs in Japan, scientists and engineers around

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Amazing showers

I’m not gonna lie. I love taking showers. I would love it even more if I was in one of these settings. Which is your

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Denver Market Update

This chart explains the Denver real estate market… For all the details, go here…

Beautiful spaces

I love spaces like these. From an estate in the South of France. Courtesy of Architectural Digest Photography by Simon Watson